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Gardening for health - starting .pdf
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Gardening for people with disabilities.pdf
Gardening safety.pdf
Gardens for the Senses.pdf
Raised Garden Bed Fact Sheet.pdf
Poisonous plants fact sheet.pdf
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To order booklets -
Email: contactus@htav.org.au
Tel: 03 9836 1128

Horticultural Therapy

A booklet that contains a personal account of Norm Allan’s experiences working with Horticultural Therapy at the Transport and Accident Commission Rehabilitation Centre at Glen Waverley.

Starting a Horticultural Therapy Program

This booklet outlines approaches to starting a horticultural therapy program with emphasis on outdoor activities.  It outlines key issues to be aware of and offers suggestions for establishing the garden.

Sensory Gardens

This booklet contains ideas and suggestions on how to create your own sensory garden - that stimulates the use of the five senses.    This includes fragrant plants, interesting surfaces to touch, a variety of visual stimuli, herbs, vegetables and fruit to taste and the gentle rustle of leaves. 

Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds are built to provide easier access for gardening.  Raised garden beds can be designed to meet the needs of the elderly, frail or people with a
disability to make gardening more accessible and
enjoyable for them.